Scientific Name: Melaleuca Alternifolia

Tea tree is from the myrtle family tree whose leaf oil is one of the best natural antiseptics. Tea Tree is native to the northeastern coast of New South Wales in Australia but also grown elsewhere. Tea tree is in no way related to what we call tea.

In the old time Tea Tree is being used in the treatment of Arthritis, bruises, bug bites, burns, dandruff, headache, lice, muscle pain, sunburn, toothache, varicose veins, and warts.

Tea Tree Oil Medicinal Properties: Tea Tree contains terpenes and other phytochemicals that are powerful antiseptics and fungus killers, these antiseptics are readily absorbed by the skin. The oil has been successfully put to the test in clinical studies to help in the treatment against acne, boils, athlete’s foot, nail fungus, corns, calluses and bunions.

Tea Tree Leaves and Twigs
Tea Tree Leaves and Twigs (Tea Tree Oil is made from the leaves and twigs of tea tree plant)

Tea Tree Oil Health Benefits:

  • Tea tree oil is as good as iodine to use as disinfectant. ┬áIt helps clear up skin infection.
  • For vaginal yeast infection it was shown that tea tree oil is as good as nystatin and clotrimazole, but expert say that even if tea tree oil is as effective as the other drugs in the treatment of Vaginal Infection, it is also best to use this as last resort against this infection.
  • Tea tree oil also work just as well as product that contains benzoyl peroxide against acne, but without dryness and stinging since it is natural.
  • Tea tree oil can help cure cancer sores. Put a dab of oil in your mouth, but it should not be ingested.
  • Tea tree oil may also relieve the discomfort and promote healing of herpes sores.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil: Tea Tree Oil is only used for topical treatment. It is best to use the concentrated oil but if you are sensitive to any strong preparation you can start off with a diluted preparation. Mix some tea tree oil with an equal amount of vegetable oil or water and then apply it to your skin. To remove dandruff, put a couple of drops in your favorite shampoo.

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Tea Tree Oil Health Benefits and Uses

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