Health Benefits of Tarragon

  • Family: Sunflower family
  • Plant: Height: 2 feet; leaves: long and narrow; flower; small yellow and black flowers.

Tarragon is one of the commonly used herbs to flavor our food, but do you know that this herb can do more than just add flavor to our favorite dish? Well fortunately yes, tarragon does not only add delicious flavor to our food, it also give medicinal benefits when added to foods.

There are two varieties of tarragon available in the market today, Russian and French variety. Leaves of the French variety are glossier and more pungent than the Russian species.

Most of the tarragon used for commercial purposes comes from dried leaves of the French tarragon plant. Fresh Tarragon has an essential volatile oil, chemically identical with that of Anise, but when tarragon goes through the drying process, the essential oil is lost. Dried tarragon is best used in teas or in food.

Part used for medicinal purposes: The fresh or dried leaves and roots of the tarragon plant.

Available form: Teas, Dried leaves, Infusions, Tinctures, Essential oil, Fresh Leaves

Health Benefits of Tarragon:

  • Tarragon is eaten to induce appetite.
  • Tarragon can help relieves stomach cramps.
  • The root of Tarragon was used to cure toothaches, because of its ability to numb the mouth. Chew a couple of fresh or dried leaves until it is a paste consistency and hold with tongue against sore tooth. It will numb the painful area.
  • Tarragon is used during the middle ages as an antidote for poisonous snakebites.
  • Tarragon is used to fights fatigue.
  • Tarragon can also be substituted for salt for people with high blood pressure.
  • Tarragon also promotes the production of bile by the liver, which aids in digestion and helps to speed the process of eliminating toxic waste in the body.  To make tea for digestion, steep a handful of dried leaves in a jar with apple cider vinegar, stand 7 hours, strain and seal. Take 1 tbsp before each meal.
  • Tarragon is extremely valuable in removing intestinal worm. To prepare tea, take one quart of boiling water and one ounce of tarragon leaves, pour water over leaves and let stand for ten minutes, strain and drink two cups in the morning and refrigerate the remaining. It is recommended to drink at least four cups per day, once in the morning and in the evening.
  • Tarragon is also a mild sedative and has been taken to aid sleep. It is recommended to drink at least one cup of tarragon tea per day for its calming benefits.
  • Tarragon has mild menstruation-inducing properties which is valuable when taken if periods are delayed.
  • Chew tarragon leaf stop to hiccups.

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