Rose Hip Seed Oil

Anti-Aging Benefits of Rose Hip Seed Oil

Rose hip oil contains high amounts of Vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin also known as retinol that, when applied to the skin, can leave your skin more toned and revitalized.

Anti-Aging Benefits of Rose Hip Seed Oil:

  • Rose hip oil is ideal for use on sensitive skin because it is very gentle; it is even gentle enough to be use in babies.
  • Rose hip oil can help restore normal skin color.
  • Rose hip oil can visibly reduce the appearance of stretch mark, wrinkles, age spots and other discolorations known as hyper-pigmented skin.
  • Rose hip oil can help reduce surgical and accidental dermal scars. It can also help prevent the formation of the keloid, type of scar resembling a small to medium sized lump under the skin that can form in scars.
  • Rose hip oil is an excellent skin re-hydrator. As we age, oil glands diminish in size. People produce 10 times more oil at age 25 than at age 50. This condition is aggravated by climactic and environmental conditions such as dryness and air toxicity. Due to a lack of oil and depleted moisture, the skin starts to deteriorate. Rose hip oil, with its high absorbing level, penetrates the skin almost instantly to restore this needed moisture balance.
  • Rose hip oil can help reverse the effects produced by the sun radiation on the skin. It is also a good preventive therapy to retard the appearance of skin-aging signs. This is especially recommended to those who are always exposed to sunlight for long periods of time.
  • Rose hip oil is also used to treat a number of other skin issues such as acne, dermatitis and eczema.
  • Rose hip oil can also be use as a hot oil treatment for brittle, damaged hair. Just massaged into dry or flaking areas of the skin or scalp. Rose hip oil goes to work instantly to improve texture and help promote healing.

Buying Tips: When purchasing Rose hip oil always look for 100% pure oil. Blended oils do not have the high concentration of active ingredients.

Testimonials on Rosehip Seed Oil:

“I’ve been using the Organic Rosehip Seed Oil for several weeks now. I wanted to wait until I’ve used for some time to write a review.

I love this oil. It moisturizes my skin without looking overly oily. I use this in conjunction with the Rose Water toner from the same company. I feel like, at 39, my skin has never looked better. I’ve been told by complete strangers that my skin looks fantastic and that it’s glowing.

Per instructions, I do store it in the refrigerator and use 3 pumps on my face and neck every morning.”

“One of my favorite oils. This works so well on scars and dry skin and in your hair to keep heal dryness up. It helps settle down cramps if you run the oil on your body part that is cramping. Put some in the bathtub and it makes for a wonderful skin softener and way to shave! Love this product!”

“I have been using this product daily for over 2 weeks and I noticed a difference within the first 2 days. My skin is softer and more youthful. My skin was so dry due to weather, this made a huge difference.”

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