If your business is related to health, beauty and weightloss you are welcome to advertise here at www.healthandbeautypages.com. My preferred size for your advertisement is medium rectangle 300×250, because I will place it on the upper part of my side bar. Advertising cost is USD$120 per month but if you will prepaid for 3 months you will only pay USD$300. I only accept payment thru paypal.

About this website:

Health and Beauty Pages website had been around since 2012, as of this writing this website has 609 published post. My readers are coming mostly from Southeast Asia and North America.  Currently its average monthly pageview is 12,000 per month. This pageview now is currently low because a year ago I deleted 25% of my Post, which resulted to more than half decline in traffic. Just a month ago I decided to post articles 3 times a week which I know will result in an increase in traffic. At the moment I’m seeing the positive result of posting 3 articles per weeks. Pageview and indexed pages at Google are increasing.

If you are interested email me at len7288@live.com. Type “I want to advertise at your site” as subject.