Health Benefits of Pearl Powder

Pearl Powder is used to help keep the skin more radiant, smooth and youthful. It is made of crushed freshwater pearls; it contains mostly of calcium and some twenty amino acids, which are the building blocks of every living organism. Pearl powder is proven safe when taken internally and applied topically.

What is the difference between Pearl powder and Pearl essence? Pearl powder is finely crushed real pearls, and contains essential nutrients for the skin; pearl essence is an iridescent powder obtained from oyster shells used only for cosmetic purposes and have no nutritional value.

Different Types of Pearl:

  • Natural. The natural pearls used in herbalism are very small. The smaller the pearl, the more potent and effective it is as an herb. Some pearls are not much larger than a grain of salt. These very small pearls, which are softer, can be easily crushed and ground into very fine powder, which can be absorbed with relatively high efficiency by the digestive tract. Small natural pearls are quite expensive, costing between $100 and $1,000 an ounce at Chinese herb shops in Hong Kong or in America.
  • Cultivated. Cultivated pearls are not considered to be of the same herbal quality as natural pearls. They tend to be large and much harder to grind into fine powder and are harder to digest.

Benefits of Pearl Powder on Skin and Body:

  • Prevents skin discoloration by slowing down the development of melanin which controls the color pigments of the skin; it also removes age and liver spots on the skin.
  • Act as sunblock; Chinese experts claim that pearls can correct the damage done to the skin by the sun.
  • Contains a natural moisturizer, proteins which renew the skin cells, vitamin B complex and polysaccharides which strengthen the muscles and the metabolism.
  • Pearl Powder when applied to minor open wounds can accelerate healing.
  • Pearl powder is a powerful exfoliant; when applied externally, it speeds the skin’s natural process of shedding dead cells, replacing them with new cells.
  • Chinese scientists have also discovered that calcium from pearl is more easily absorbed by the body than the regularly used calcium. Japanese study showed that older women taking pearl powder as an anti-aging and bone-strengthening supplement had increased bone density, and reduced osteoporosis.
  • When pregnant women and breast feeding women take it, Pearl Powder is believed to speed up bone development and promote intelligence in babies.
  • Helps strengthen eye muscle therefore improving eyesight.
  • Promotes smooth flow of blood therefore energizing the body.
  • Helps increase libido and sexual potency in humans.
  • Pearl has also been shown to be beneficial for habitual constipation, acting quickly, gently and effectively.

Tip on How to Make Your Own Pearl Powder Skincare: Beauty cream sold in the market that contain pearl powder is very expensive, if you want to save money you can just put a little pearl powder in your favorite facial moisturizer, lotion and body oil. You even can add pearl powder into sunscreen cream to protect your skin while you enjoy sunshine.

Pearl Powder as Facial Mask Treatments: Pearl Powder can also be applied to the face as a beauty mask for rejuvenation and a flawless, silky complexion. The pearl powder mask will tingle and feel warm as it removes dead cells.

How to make a Pearl Powder mask:

  • Mix one teaspoon of pure Chinese pearl powder with the juice of one lemon, one beaten egg white, and one teaspoon of raw honey–this will nourish and moisturize aging skin.
  • Or, mix one teaspoon of pearl powder with sufficient extra virgin olive oil to make a paste–this will revitalize dry, dull skin.
  • Or, mix one teaspoon of pearl powder with sufficient whole milk to make a paste. This is also anti-aging and is said to reduce large skin pores.

Tip When Buying Pearl Powder Supplement: When buying supplements with Pearl powder, be sure that you are buying a brand that you can trust. Some Pearl powders on the market are not real Pearl, or contain Pearl mixed with adulterants.

Some of these counterfeits come in lovely packages, but they are worthless. My advice is: Buy high quality natural Pearl or buy the most expensive hydrolyzed Pearl you can find.

Note: A combination of powdered sea pearl, mother of-pearl and freshwater pearl has been shown to have tonic and anti-aging actions. Based on Chinese pharmacological studies, the positive effects of the sea pearl and mother-of-pearl powder is higher than that of freshwater pearl powder.

Contraindications: None. Pearl is extremely safe. Studies on hydrolyzed Pearl have shown it to be absolutely harmless. It can be taken by anybody for the course of a lifetime without negative side effects.

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  1. Truly enjoyed the information provided in the article. I just recently learned that pearl powder was used as far back as the Tang dynasty as a facial mask which I was very intrigued by; just knowing that this concept was used and how important beauty was back then is exceptionally amazing.

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