Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Now after all the Holiday celebrations and the endless fatty foods and dessert we ate, it’s time to get back in shape.

Apple Cider Vinegar works really well for me in losing the excess weight, plus its natural and no harmful side effects as compared to diet pills available in the market. Apple cider does not only help melt those ugly fats, it can also help prevent and may help cure some ailments like; High Cholesterol, Flu, Chronic Fatigue, Candida, Acid Reflux, Sore Throat, Arthritis, Contact Dermatitis, Allergies (food, insect, and environmental), High Blood Pressure, Poor Digestion (It Speed up metabolism), Bad complexion, Premature Aging and a lot more.

Well here is how I started with taking this wonder vinegar. One day I was watching my favorite talk show, one of the famous model/actress there was asked, “what is your secret for staying slim and having that beautiful complexion, and she said she takes ACV with her meal everyday.

So the next day I went to the supermarket and bought apple cider vinegar. At first I was reluctant to drink ACV because I couldn’t take its taste, but then I still drink it as I am thinking of the health benefits I can get from it. Plus someone told me it’s really good in clearing the skin from rashes and it’s good for constipation.

Well one thing I’ve noticed immediately is that my bowel movement became regular even though I don’t eat much fiber, my skin is not so itchy anymore, and the rashes is fading. And I found the best time to drink it. Since I like staying late (I sleep around 12am) working on my computer, I always have a glass of water with me, so I thought instead of just drinking water why not put ACV with my ice cold water (I put 1-2Tablespoon per big  glass of water), if you like it sweet you can put honey for added benefits.

After drinking that for a few days I’ve noticed I have more energy even when I stay up so late, I can work more, it’s really amazing!!! not to mention that my skin tone improved, well because I’m not longer constipated so I don’t retain that toxin inside my body which is the cause of my rashes and irritability.

Note: Make sure you buy the organic ACV, the ACV I prefer to buy is the one with a cloudy content in it, the brand I always use is BRAGG. The non organic one has some bad effect because it’s too acidic. Some ACV in capsule form is more acidic even if their label tells that the acidity level is only 5%. Start with just one teaspoon and see how your body will respond. Another thing is if you have sensitive teeth its better for you to drink ACV and water using a straw.

Apple Cider Vinegar Nutrient Content: Apple cider Vinegar is loaded with pectin and minerals like potassium, chlorine, magnesium, sodium and calcium. In addition it contains vitamins and beta-carotene. In fact experiments have proved that it also contains carbolic acids, aldehydes, ketones, alcohols and acetates. It is no wonder that the health benefits of apple cider vinegar are infinite. Pectin in the apples is a fiber, which attaches itself to cholesterol globules, and when combined with the herb centella aids in getting rid of bad cholesterol and helps in regulating blood pressure.

The potassium present in apple cider vinegar is vital because it helps to remove the excess water and also the toxic waste. The excess of sodium is also drawn out and it helps to regulate blood pressure. Calcium, which is important for the bones and for combating osteoporosis, is an important constituent of apple cider vinegar. The beta carotene is supposed to help people to retain their youth longer as it counters effectively the damage made by free radicals.

Apple Cider Vinegar also breaks down fat and is widely used to lose weight. The malic acid and acetic acid present help to combat fungal and bacterial infections and relieves painful joints.

The malic acid can also dissolve the deposits of uric acid which form around the joints, and slowly pushes the acid deposits out of the body. It seems to even have some effect on viruses. The amino acids present in apple cider vinegar act as an antibiotic and an antiseptic. It has been known to drastically reduce the toxicity in the body.

Let us all drink Apple Cider Vinegar and Stay Young and Healthy!!!