Health Benefits Schizandra

  • Scientific Name: Schizandra Chinensis
  • Part Used: Berries

This is a plant who is native to China and Russia it Chinese name is (wu wei zi) which means “five flavors,” it is noted for its toning and energizing effect on the body.

Health Benefits of Schizandra:

  • It aids in the functions of adaptation during time of stress.
  • It protects the liver, and help in its regeneration and proper function.
  • It stimulates the Immune system.
  • It has a beneficial effect on the lungs.
  • It helps calm the Nervous System, good in cases of neurosis, depression etc.
  • Beneficial as sexual stimulant and balances the body’s fluid, thus helping the kidneys.

Schizandra has contains more than 30 “lignins”, that is why it is beneficial to the regeneration of the liver. Studies conducted shows that a 76% improvement, with no side effects, in patient with hepatitis.

Schizandra is also beneficial in increasing the body’s metabolism. It stimulates the production of enzymes in the liver and in the digestive system which contributes to a simple detoxification of the body.

Vitamins and Mineral contents of Schizandra:

  • Vitamin A: 10,000 I.U.
  • Vitamin C: 105 mg. / 100
  • Chromium: 0.18 mg / 100
  • Phosphorus: 420 mg. / 100
  • Magnesium: 270 mg. / 100
  • Silica: 0.34 mg./ 100
  • Fat: 11.4%