When you see blemishes on your skin it means that your body is screwing up two jobs that are important for the maintenance of healthy skin. A healthy skin excretes sebum and slough off dead cells.

When the hair follicles aren’t getting rid of dead cells fast enough and the sebaceous glands (oil producing gland) at the base of the hair follicles is producing too much sebum (oil) that will make your face oily.

If dead cells stick to the follicle and the glands secrete too much sebum, the waxy buildup can clog the pores. This blockage invites bacterial growth, and pus forms.

How to Prevent Blemishes:

  • Maintain a clean facial skin by washing your face with a mild soap like dove. Cleaning doesn’t mean scrubbing the acne out of your skin, over scrubbing can make your skin more likely to become irritated. Once you clean your skin, apply a mild moisturizer like ponds moisturizer or if you already have acne, apply topical preparation to reduce the acne bacteria. Benzoyl peroxide is a good topical application; it helps reduce the acne bacteria and inflammation, enhancing blood flow to the skin and speeding the rate at which the body excretes sebum. Start with a 2.5% solution of benzoyl peroxide before you try any of the stronger solutions.
  • Eat a healthy diet. The cause of skin blemishes may be more than skin deep, remember that what you feed your body will come out on your skin.
  • Anxiety and anger were found to be significant contributors to severe cases of acne. Researchers found that suppressing anger helped make acne worse. If anger and anxiety are your constant companions, you might consider seeing a professional counselor to help you deal better with stress.
  • Exercises. Regular exercise can greatly help release toxins out of your body.
  • Drink plenty of clean water, this will keep your system clean and will make your skin look healthy.
  • Try to avoid the sun as much as possible, when you are suffering from acne.
  • Consumption of green tea also helps to reduce the tendency of blemish development on your skin.

Natural Remedies for Blemishes:

  • Toothpaste is a good remedy for blemishes. Use the paste variety, not gel and gently apply a small drop directly on the blemish. This will draw the blemish out and leave you blemish free. If left on too long, the skin may become irritated.
  • Honey help kill bacteria and assist in healing the blemish. Apply a dab of honey on the blemish. Leave on overnight.
  • Tea tree oil is another good remedy for blemishes. Apply the undiluted tea tree oil to the blemish. This should be applied three times per day.
  • Lemon juice. Apply to the affected areas overnight.
  • Full cream milk with turmeric mask can help give you a clear complexion.

Supplements that can help prevent and eliminate blemishes:

  • Bee propolis, garlic and vitamin C – is a natural and effective antibiotic. It strengthens the immune system.
  • Zinc – is important for stimulating the immune system.
  • Beta-carotene – helps resist infections, repairs body tissue.
  • Guava leaves tea – rich in vitamin C which can help regenerate skin tissue fast.

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How to Have a Healthy Beautiful Skin

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