Silicon Mineral Health Benefits

Silicon, also referred to as silica or silicon dioxide, is a trace mineral that is somewhat of a nutritional secret in the health world. It is basically present in the human body in the form of silanate or silicic acid.

Silicon Rich Food: It is found in several foods, including whole grains, vegetables, fruits (such as apples, bananas and raisins), oats, lentils, beans, peanuts, almonds, coffee, beer, and unfiltered drinking water.

Silicon Deficiency Symptoms: Poor development of the bone, thinning of hair, brittleness of nails, formation of wrinkles and ageing of the skin.

Silicon Dosage: The average intake of silicon in adults is 14 to 21mg per day.

nuts is rich in silicon
nuts is rich in silicon

Silicon Health Benefits:

  • Silicon helps prevent alopecia or thinning of hair, it also increases the luster and shine of hair.
  • Silicon prevents hard plaque formation in arteries; therefore it help improves blood circulation in the body.
  • Silicon help assist calcium for the growth, and repair of joints and bones. It also increases the rate of healing of bone dislocation and fractures.
  • Silicon helps in strengthening of connective tissues.
  • Silicon protects the skin from being saggy because it increases the amount of collagen in the body.
  • Silicon makes the eyes bright.
  • Silicon restores the health of mucosa of the respiratory tract.
  • Silicon prevents the brittleness of nails and protects them against several nail infections.
  • Silicon helps prevent tooth decay and bleeding and receding gums. Some believe it can help reverse cavity formation. In children, silicon can lead to beautiful teeth and jaw formation.

Note: Do note that silicon is different from silicone, a chemical mixture used to make breast implants and other medical devices.

Caution: Silicon supplements should be avoided by those with a history of silicon-containing kidney disease.

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