Sage is an herb that came from the mint family; it is native in the Mediterranean region. The bluish purple flowers and grayish green leaves are being used in the culinary and medicinal purposes since ancient times. Sage is rich in antioxidant; it can help maintain the brain’s concentration of the neurochemical acetylcholine.

Sage possesses much the same anti-Alzheimer’s power as the other herb like rosemary and could work well with Gingko Biloba in preventing Alzheimer’s. Some people rub the leaves on their teeth and gums to remove plaque. It also contains tannin; it functions as an astringent and antiseptic, therefore beneficial in preventing gum problems. Sage contains more than 6 phytochemicals that helps the body fight diseases.

Health Benefits of Sage: Sage can help prevent and cure indigestion, gum problems, oral inflammation, lack of appetite, rhinitis, sore throat, acne, bug bites, canker sores, coughing, cramps, depression, dermatitis, diarrhea, excessive breast milk, hot flashes, infertility, laryngitis, menstrual pain, mucous membrane inflammation, night sweats, sprains, tuberculosis, wounds.

It is also beneficial in some ailments like: Alzheimers disease, arthritis, cancer, fever, and gingivitis, gum bleeding, hoarseness, inflammation, intestinal inflammation, sores, stomach disease, tongue inflammation and tonsillitis.

Direction for use: Take one-quarter to 1 teaspoon of sage extract 3 times a day, 2 to 4 tablespoons of fresh leaves daily, or 2 teaspoons of the dried herb in a cup of hot water daily. You can either drink it as tea or just gargle with it.

Side Effects of Sage: Taking sage leaves extract is perfectly ok for most people, but taking too much of it for a long period of time can cause rapid heartbeat, dizziness, convulsion, etc, this is due to the presence of the phytochemical thujone. It also contains tacrine that can raise the risk for ulcers and liver problems.

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Health Benefits of Sage

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