Iodine Health Benefits

The thyroid gland needs iodine to produce the body hormone thyroxine, which regulates the release of energy in the body. Iodine is mainly found in the thyroid glands and is an indispensable element for the body metabolism. Without it, a person gains weight and is fatigued. On the other hand, with hyperthyroid, a person loses weight and is hyperactive.

shellfish is rich in iodine

Iodine Health Benefits:

  • Iodine prevents the development of simple goiter.
  • Iodine plays a role in the development of hair, fingernails, skin and teeth.

Symptoms of Iodine Deficiency: People lacking in iodine may have an enlarged thyroid gland called goiter.

Daily Requirements:

  • Infant: 25 to 45 mg.
  • Children: 50 to 100 mg.
  • Adults: 110 to 150 mg.

Iodine Rich Food: Seaweeds, onions, leafy vegetables, mushrooms, fish, shellfish, and other seafood.

Note: Trace minerals; use only under doctors guidance.

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