Comfrey is a versatile herb that has long been recognized by organic gardeners and herbalists for its medicinal uses.

Comfrey plant has a black, turnip-like root and large, hairy broad leaves that bears small bell-shaped white, cream, purple or pink flowers. It grows in temperate regions of the world like Asia, Australia and North America.

Different Preparations Using Comfrey Leaves:

  • Tincture: Comfrey leaves are made as tincture to relieve stomach ulcers, and disorders of the respiratory system.
  • Poultice: The leaves can also be made as a poultice (puree the leaves) and apply to bruised or inflamed areas and wounds.
  • Oil Infusion: You can also make infused oil from the leaf, which may be used as a massage oil to relieve bruises, sprains, stiff and aching joints and muscles. To make oil infusion just pour the hot oil (virgin coconut oil or olive oil) to the comfrey leaves and store it in a brown bottle, you can start using the oil infusion after 8 hours.

Constituents of comfrey: mucilage, steroidal saponins, mucilage, tannins, alkaloids, vitamin B12 and proteins.

Health Benefits of Comfrey Herb:

  • A strong infusion of comfrey leaves and/or root is a good first aid remedy for wounds because it contains a compound called allantoin, which when applied to wounded area of the skin it will help speeds up the healing of tissue. It is also valuable in the treatment of scar. A strong infusion of the leaves and/or roots can be used as a skin wash to relieve irritation and promote healing.
  • Comfrey baths were being used in the old times to repair the hymen and thus restore virginity.
  • A decoction of the root or infusion of the leaves makes good eyewash for sore, inflamed eyes.
  • Comfrey is use to reduce the swelling and inflammation around a broken bone (but it do not heal the bone itself). When applied to the skin allantoin spread easily into the underlying tissues so that when applied over a fractured bone it can accelerate healing and closure.
  • Comfrey tea when taken internally can help relieve stomach ulcers and is blood purifier. In the gut comfrey soothes and heals gastritis and can be used to reduce irritation causing diarrhea, dysentery.

Caution: Comfrey leaf has been regularly ingested by thousands of people without negative effect, but there are studies that suggest that comfrey root has a component that can damage the liver. It is therefore recommended that comfrey root should not be taken internally. Both the leaf and the root can be safely used externally. If you have medical condition always seek the guidance of herbal practitioner before starting a comfrey treatment.

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Health Benefits of Comfrey Herb

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