Scientific Name: Cimifuga racemosa

Other Name: Bugbane (because the strong smell of flowers works as a natural insect repellent), Black Snakeroot (because of it black roots).

Part Used: Roots

Health Benefits of Black Cohosh:

  • Black cohosh is one of the best natural therapies a woman can use to relieve menopausal symptoms.
  • Black cohosh can inhibit the breast or uterine cancer cells from proliferating.
  • Black cohosh has natural anti-inflammatory effect. This makes it helpful in reducing pain, stiffness, and soreness associated with all types of arthritis.
  • Black cohosh helps to reduce menstrual cramps by relaxing the smooth muscles of the uterus. It is advisable to start drinking black cohosh tea a day before the onset of the menstrual period and drink it once daily until the symptoms fade away.
  • Black cohosh can help increase the motility and viability of sperm cells by protecting their cell walls from oxidation by compounds released from environmental toxins, helping in cases of infertility.
  • Black cohosh has a mild sedative activity that can help in the treatment of headaches caused by anxiety, stress and depression. Just drink one cup of Black cohosh tea before the onset of severe headache or migraine.
  • Black cohosh can also help with respiratory tract infections, asthma, bronchitis, nasal congestion, colds and flu.

Available Form: Black cohosh is available at most herbal food stores in dried roots form, capsules, tablets, powder, tincture and tea. When buying dried black cohosh root make sure it is from a reputable company.


  • A small percentage of users get digestive upsets. This may be corrected by taking black cohosh with food.
  • Black cohosh should not be used for more than six months, since long-term continuous use can lead to liver damage. It is also common for black cohosh to interact with other herbs and medications. Therefore, for both of these reasons, it is highly recommended that Black cohosh only be taken under the guidance of your doctor.


  • Black cohosh can induce labor so it is advised that pregnant women refrain from using it.
  • Black cohosh when taken in large quantity can suffer from severe cramps, headaches dizziness and nausea. Symptoms can mimic that of poisoning.

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Health Benefits of Black Cohosh

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