A lot of people nowadays are following Hollywood celebrities in turning vegetarian, and of course milk is one of the food products they avoid. Celebrities vouch that being vegetarian made them look more 10 years younger, of course I want to be like them, I also want to look more than 10 years younger.

So here I am in my quest to delay my aging process I tried to lessen my intake of meat products, which is ok because I really prefer vegetables over red meat and poultry, but when I stop drinking milk for a week I began to feel weak. I don’t usually drink milk everyday but I try to drink 4 to 5 days a week.

List of stuff I felt when I stop drinking milk for almost 8 days straight:

  • I felt bloated because I don’t go to the toilet as often as I do when I drink milk. I usually go 2-3 times a day, but without milk I only go once a day. Milk is rich in magnesium which helps you become regular.
  • I felt gloomy and don’t feel like doing anything. Milk contains nutrient that help you feel good.
  • My back muscle is a bit sore, symptoms I feel when I have my period.
  • My legs felt weak.
  • I experienced dry eyes.
  • My complexion and hair looks dull.

Benefits I get from Drinking Milk 5 days a week:

  • I am very regular with my toilet routine, and I feel clean inside. My stomach is flat even if I am quite chubby.
  • I am more focused and positive.
  • I feel energetic.
  • I sleep soundly at night.
  • I don’t experience dry eyes.
  • My skin looks dewy and I have less hair fall.

Even though milk as expert said contains tons of growth hormones and antibiotics, that might cause negative effect on our body I will still drink milk on a regular basis because drinking milk has more positive benefits than negative.

As for me I prefer drinking the whole milk or full cream milk because it has more benefits than the non-fat or skim milk. In a study it showed that those who are drinking whole milk are much more slimmer than the non-fat milk drinker, the reason is, that fat in milk contains nutrients that has a strong fat burning properties, while skim milk is just an overpriced byproduct of cream production.

According to butterbeliever.com “ When cream was skimmed from milk, the remaining fat-free milk used to be considered a nearly useless byproduct of obtaining cream. But, market that wasteful skim milk as being a healthful choice for consumers, and suddenly, you’ve got a serious money-maker on your hands! Now, the agribusiness giants running the dairy industry are able to profit off both products”

Full Fat Milk A Nutritious Detox Drink