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Health Benefits of Camel Milk

The average camel produces about 2.6 gallons (10 liters) of milk a day – lower than cows that can give five or more gallons (nearly 19 liters). The imported Saudi and Sudanese camels, however, are typically better at milk production. The Gulf camels have been bred for speed for racing instead of milking over the ages.

Health Benefits of Camel Milk:

  • Drinking camel milk regularly can help in cases of impotency.
  • Camel milk have been found to have as many as six different kinds of fatty acids, all of which are vital to good health.
  • Camel milk contains a good amount of lanolin, which is well known for improving skin tone and reducing wrinkles.
  • Camel milk can help strengthen the immune system.
  • Camel milk has at least three times more vitamin C than cow’s milk.
  • Camel milk is easily digested by lactose intolerant person; it is also a valuable alternative for those people suffering from allergy to cow’s milk.
  • Person suffering from liver disease like liver cancer and hepatitis can benefit from drinking camel milk regularly.
  • Camel milk helps in fighting infection. Clinical trials showed that recovery from infectious disease (e.g. Tuberculosis) was significantly faster in patients consuming camel milk regularly.
  • Regular consumption of camel milk contributes to an optimum diabetes management. Clinical trials in human diabetes type 1 have shown that the daily consumption of 0.5 liter camel milk reduces the need for insulin medication by an average of 30% (Agrawal, 2005314kb).
  • Camel milk has positive effects in controlling high blood pressure and helps in the management of Arteriosclerosis and Osteoporosis.

News About Camel Milk:

“How would you feel if your loved one was afflicted with diabetes and was very ill from the drugs prescribed for the diabetes? (A high amount of individuals react negatively to the diabetic medication.) How would you feel seeing a loved one lose an arm or a leg and eventually their life to diabetes when just a small amount of camel milk could supply all the insulin they might need daily? (There are 52 units of insulin per liter of camel milk.)

The high levels of insulin in camel’s milk and the antibodies, which are much simpler in structure than human milk antibodies, enable it to penetrate deeper into the human tissue and cells, which means that the milk has the potential to serve as a major weapon against many human illnesses.

“What a joy it would be to see your autistic child act normally with just a little camel milk on a daily basis.”

 The first things that parents report noticing are an increase in verbal skills, better sleep patterns, disappearance of gut issues, more interaction with others and a better attention span. In many of the children, the seizures have ceased. (Source:

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