Apis is a homeopathic remedy that is derived from the honeybee. Apis mellifica is prepared using the stingers of the female honeybee (only the female bee has a stinger) and sometimes even the whole body of the bee is used. Apis is great to keep in hand as “first aid treatment”.

Preparation of Apis: The process of making Apis is crucial; once the stings or the whole bees are collected they are chopped, crushed, and mashed and then steeped in alcohol to get the mother tincture known as Apis in homeopathy.

Homepathic remedy is prescribed on the principles that “like cures like,” in tiny dilution.

Available Form: Apis Mellifica Homeopathic Remedy is available in ointment, tablets, and pellets for fast relief.

Health Benefits and Uses of Apis Mellifica:

  • Apis mellifica can help cure the swelling and stinging sensation associated with insect bites. Take Apis as soon as after getting bitten to prevent swelling and other symptoms from getting worse.
  • Apis mellifica is also use as first aid treatment for snake bite.
  • Apis mellifica helps heal burn that bubbles and resembles a bee sting.
  • Apis mellifica can heal swollen throat, difficulty in breathing, and cough that cause chest pain.
  • Apic mellifica is beneficial for swollen eyelid, styes, watery eye, sore eyes or conjunctivitis. The recommended dose is 30x or 9c, three times a day, for up to two days.
  • Apis mellifica can help cure allergic reaction associated to foods or to drugs.
  • Apis mellifica can help in case of swollen joints caused by Arthritis.
  • Apis mellifica is a common remedy for herpes infections (herpes of the mouth and genital herpes).
  • Apis mellifica can help reduce stinging pain from the injection after receiving a vaccine.
  • Apis used in acute kidney disease such as glomerulonephritis or nephritic syndrome where there is proven loss in the urine and edema of the body.
  • Apis can help cure Urinary Tract Infection.
  • Apis can help relieve the pain associated with ovarian cyst. It not only reduced the pain, but also helps dissolve the cyst.
  • Apis is a good homeopathic remedy for Shingles, it helps relieve stinging and burning.
  • Apis can help cure sunburn discomfort.
  • Apis can help relieve discomfort associated with measles, mumps and chicken pox.
  • Apis mellifica help cure edema whether over the entire body or specific areas.
  • Apis mellifica can help in the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Side Effects of Apis Mellifica: There is no side effect in using Apis because it will either be no help for the conditions mentioned above or there is no effect at all. Apis is safe to use for children.

Health Benefits of Apis Mellifica

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