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Hi I’m Len I created this website because of my curiosity on natural ways to strengthen my immune system and stay young looking. Since my high school days (which was more than 20 years ago) I would always buy imported health magazine and books to read during my free time, and after reading/browsing the articles I will jot down notes on the topic I find most helpful to me. Up to this day my interest in reading health article never stops, I actually accumulated lots of books already, leaflets, magazines, clippings and even photocopies of articles that I found interesting.

Back 2005, a friend who is quite techie told me that I can make a journal online, so a couple of months later I searched online for a free website where I can upload the journals and notes I made years ago, for easy access and  so I can declutter my shelves, luckily I came across a free website where I can upload my important notes.

When I joined hubpages.com in December 2006 I didn’t expect I will have thousands of readers there, I was also reluctant at first because I want to keep my writings private, but since I don’t know much about computer and blogging at that time, and I just want to declutter my room and make the search in my content easy I continued with it. The rule in this site was for you have to join the ad network to continue with your membership. Thankfully the staff at hubpages made it very easy for new members to join and get approved in the ad networks.

I didn’t expect I will make money from my old journal and notes.

In the first couple of months I am just busy uploading my notes online, I don’t check my advertisement income, because I never expect that people will read my journal, but after maybe 4 months I just thought of checking it. I was very surprised that there were already thousands of people already reading my articles and I already made money!

Creation of Health and Beauty Pages website.

February 2012 was the year I created this site; I moved all my articles from hubpages to my own website healthandbeautypages.com. It had been my dream to have my own website prior to starting this, but the negative thoughts of my lack of knowledge and the money involved in creating my own website was just overwhelming, so I procrastinated. Blessing in disguised happened in December of 2011, I got a problem with the website that was managing my content, which forced me to start my own site.

Back to present, I am still passionate about this website because it contains the compilation of all the articles I read and found interesting and helpful in my quest to stay healthy. I am hoping that readers of this site will find the information here valuable. Let us all work hard to stay healthy and young looking. Good day to all 🙂

If you have any suggestions email me at len7288@live.com. Please type “email for health and beauty pages” on the subject field.


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  • July 14, 2013 at 5:29 pm

    You have an excellent website. I have just read through the information on fruit today and am inspired to regain my health through eating fruit and some vegetables. Thank-you very much.


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